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About the Pre-School

Background to the Pre-School


The Pre-School was set up in 1993 and has grown to a point whereby today up to 64 children between the ages of 2 and 4 years old attend.


The Pre-School is managed by Louise Pruthi and her team, and offers a well equipped, safe and comfortable environment for the children. With the emphasis on play in a stimulating & nurturing environment, the highly trained staff provide sessions with activities and experiences that will enable the children to develop whilst enjoying their time at Pre-School. We are fully committed to ensuring that the children always come first when making any decisions about the operation of the setting.


A Charity, run by Volunteers!


As an incorporated charity the Pre-School is run by a group of voluntary directors who support Louise and the team to fulfill the objective of running a successful business. As a charity, the Pre-School re-invests any surplus funds back into the setting so you can be assured that all available monies are put to good use to secure the current and future success of the Pre-School.  Below is a letter from the Directors of the Pre-School explaining their backgrounds and roles.


Letter from the Directors


A Key Person Approach


Every child at Pre-School is allocated a Key Person.  Although children quickly get to know all the adults who work at the setting, it is the role of the Key Person to develop a close relationship with your child and to be a particular point of contact for you should you have any questions or concers.  Your child's Key Person will also monitor and record your child's progress through their Learning Journey.




Barnett Wood Pre-School uses an online journal system called Tapestry for recording your child's Learning Journey.  Photos and observations are made online and parents/carers are able to:

  • receive regular updates on their child's progress

  • share their child's journal with family and friends

  • contribute their own photos and observations

  • comment on observations made by staff members


For more information about Tapestry, please click here



We pride ourselves on employing good quality staff and providing the best possible support and guidance to your children whilst they are in our care. At our most recent OFSTED inspection, it was found that the quality & standards of the care and education were outstanding.  Click here to see a copy of our latest OFSTED report.