Spring 2022

In the Spring Term, we were fortunate enough to introduce two specialist activities for the children.  The first of which was welcoming Axel, a therapy dog, (and his owner) to the setting on a fortnightly basis.  Axel's visits helped to support the chidren's self regulatin and emotions.  The children loved welcoming Axel, grooming him, feeding him treats and taking him for walks around the infant school's field.  In return Axel enjoyed storytime with the chidren and all the fuss that was made of him!

Our second specialist activity was a weekly mini-Yoga class, specifically for pre-school aged children.  The yoga sessions are designed to help increase strenght and flexibility as well as developing self-confidence and self-awareness and also supporting the children's emotional wellbeing.  The children quickly learnt some basic yoga poses and looked forward to the weekly classes.

As part of our curriculum relating to oral health, we welcombed a dentist to the setting who talked to the Butterfly children about the importance of healthy eating and brushing their teeth properly.  This was supported by activities in the setting designed to lay the foundations for good habits in oral health.

Finally, we celebrated World Book Day, with both staff and children dressing up as their favourite book/book character for the day.

Autumn 2021

In the Autumn Term we were one of a limited number of settings selected by our Early Years Advisor to pilot an Early Talk Boost Programme designed to support children with their listening and attention skills aswell as their expressive and receptive language.  The pilot was extremely successful and we plan to re-run the programme with groups in the future.

In addition, we had planned a visit from the fire fighters at Leatherhead Fire Station (Blue Watch).  The children had an opportunity to explore the engineand to have a go at blasting water from the hose!  Needless to say they really enjoyed it!

We also had a visit from the High Sheriff of Surrey, who presented the pre-school with an award in recognition of our dedication in providing outstanding Early Years educaiton and our efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Summer 2021