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What our parents/carers think....

Feeback from our New Starter Survey September 2016

BWPS Word Cloud

Comments about "What we do well?":


"Creates a wonderful environment for the children to explore, develop and learn. Keeps parents updated and informed. Professional, capable and expert in what they do."


"Curriculum is excellent. Write ups/observations are excellent. The choice of activities set out indoors and outdoors every day are excellent. The confidence given to my child is excellent."


"A very caring and supportive environment to help our little ones through to big school."


"Professionalism, care, organisation, variety of activities, boosting confidence."


"Staff [are] very involved and caring. Premises are safe and well adapted to the children need. Lots of things to do for the children."

Feeback from our New Starter Survey January 2017

Word Cloud Jan 2017

Comments about "What we do well?":


"Its feels local and friendly.  There are great facilities and such a range of activities."


"A home from home environment that provides education, stimulation and routine within free-play activities."


"Preparation for school, time for play and structured learning - age appropriate and small groups of children."


"Provides a friendly welcoming environment with plenty of stimulating activities that encourage our child to develop."


"A well rounded, stuctured development programme, well organised and friendly team".

Feeback from our 2017 Caterpillar Survey

Comments about "What we do well?":


"It is a very friendly place, my child enjoys it so much"


"Content happy children with well structured and thought out activities"


"Supportive, friendly environment. Varied activities and ideas for things we can also try / carry over at home"


"Great communication, lovely relationships between staff and children, very professional, good range of activities"


"Nice caring stimulating environment, everyone friendly, staff genuinely interested in children and get to know them well"

Caterpillar Survey July 2017

Feedback from our 2017 Butterfly Survey

Comments about "What we do well?":


"It is friendly and welcoming and puts children and parents quickly at ease"


"I like the variation of things that the children do in terms of topics and activities"


"It has helped prepare my daughter for school and she has had great fun as well."


"Communication, providing a welcoming friendly supportive environment for children."


"Everything, there's not one thing I would chage."

Buttferfly Leavers Survey 2017